Contingency measures Covid-19

In the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to providing a safe working environment. We reorganized the space, some changes were made, and a contingency plan was prepared to ensure the safety of our coworkers, the staff, and anyone who uses the space for an event.

The plan follows the guidelines of the General Health Directorate, which aim to minimize the impact of COVID-19. FORJA Cowork + Studio will pay attention to new updates on pandemic data and, consequently, to new recommendations communicated by the relevant organisations. Therefore, this page may be amended in accordance with new guidelines that may arise, updated and subsequently disclosed in our communication channels.

Measures adopted and general recommendations.

Last update: September 15th

– Alcohol gel available at the entrance to be used compulsorily whenever you enter and leave the space, before ringing the doorbell, the button to open the door and the handle).

– We’ve increased air induction and extraction for more air renewal.

– Alcohol gel and antiseptic solution also available in strategic points of the space so that disinfection is guaranteed whenever necessary (for example before and after use of the canopy).

– Daily there will be disinfection of the common areas.

– Minimum distance of 2 metres per work table is guaranteed, as recommended by dgs.

– Mandatory use of mask, with the following exceptions:a) Wh
en to the computer on your desk.b) At th
e time of meal.c) On the
meeting table with acrylic protection between the gathered.d) I
n videoconference on the phone booth.

– Coworkers who show symptoms of Covid-19, such as cough, fever and difficulty breathing, should not attend in space, and should report their situation to FORJA Cowork + Studio.

– It is not recommended to share objects such as pens, pencils, keyboards and mice.

– Table or chairs are not allowed to be exchanged between coworkers.



– The following stopovers are recommended for lunches in the pantry: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm // 1:30 pm to 1:30 pm // 14:30 to 15:00.

– Mandatory disinfection of the hands before touching the kitchen appliances (refrigerator, coffee machine and microwave).

– Each of the coworkers should clean the space used on the dining table with antiseptic solution before and after the meal.

– Limit of 4 people to lunch / snack at the same time in the canopy.

– It is mandatory that each person use his own dishes.

– Each coworker will have his or her space in the fridge and it is mandatory to identify their own food/drink (labels and filter pens are available for this purpose).

– Use kitchen paper to clean the dishes instead of a fabric towel.


External events (workshops, events, photo shoots):

– Room capacity limits (we await dgs recommendations regarding the number of people).

– Alcohol gel available at the entrance to be used compulsorily.

– Use of mandatory mask, except for previously combined exceptions.

– Disinfection of the space is guaranteed before and after each event.